Navigation Anomaly

In New Sites it appears that the navigation menu is rendered in the viewer's browser by JavaScript after the page loads.

This means that if you use Google Translate or HTTRACK on a New Site navigation is missing from the result because these tools only download the main HTML.  Update: Navigation now appears on the translated site but the links do not work right. Sometimes refreshing the page (F5 on the keyboard) works. Sometimes it works if I hover over a navigation link and click the English version that pops up.

Also the navigation bar does not appear if a viewer has disabled JavaScript in their browser. 

It is unclear if this will be changed. Viewers with JavaScript turned off may want to install an alternate browser which has JS enabled and use it for viewing New Google Sites.

Also, You can select to have either top or side navigation.  Click the settings (gear) icon and select Navigation mode.

Instructions and video from Steegle