Mailto Link

1. Type the text you want in a text box

2. Highlight the text and click the link icon (looks like a chain link)

3. Enter the email address

Note that if you enter an email address the link is automatically formatted correctly by adding 'mailto:' at the beginning. 

Note that if a viewer does not have an email program configured in their browser, the link will not do anything.



How to make a mailto link (Steegle's instructions)

Mailto with subject

URL used:!

Mailto with multiple recipients and subject and body text

URL used:!

Another idea: To reduce getting spammed by email bots, use an image.

Go to Google Drawing ( and create a textbox that you type your contact information in.

Then, download this as a jpeg file. 

This will then be an image that you can upload into your site so that it is being seen as an image and not as text.

Many of the bot features are looking for text and not an "unreadable" picture.

From this forum post