Google Domains

Connect to a Google Site

Tip: If you previously created your Google Site through Google Domains, your site’s already connected.

Important: Before you connect your Google Site, make sure you use the same account for both Google Domains and Google Sites.

  1. On your computer, go to Google Domains.

  2. Click the domain name you want to manage.

  3. Open the Menu .

  4. Click Website Build website.

  5. Under "Simple site," click Continue.

  6. Click Use existing site.

  7. Enter the subdomain you want to use.

  8. Select the Google Site you want connected to your domain.

    • If you only want to connect the full site name that starts with "www," uncheck the option to redirect the entire root domain to your Google Site.

  9. Click Connect site.

Add CNAME Record

In Google domains in the DNS section click 'Create new record' to add the CNAME record.