Fast GIF



Steps I used to create this animated GIF

  1. I used the animation feature in Google Photos.

  2. In Google Photos in the left menu, click Utilities.

  3. Under "Create new", click Animation or Collage.

  4. Choose the photos you want to include.

  5. At the top, click Create.

  6. Click the more actions icon (3 dots) and add the animation to a shared album.

  7. Open Lunapic and select Google Photos


  9. Select the animation that you created.

  10. Go to Animation Settings


  12. Select the animation speed that you desire.

  13. Click File and select Save image.

  14. Save the image to your computer.

  15. In your website, select Uupload in the Images edit section.

  16. Upload your saved animation.

  17. Publish your site.