Image Map Using Google Drawings

Above is an example of a Google Drawing Imagemap.

UPDATE: We now can insert the image map HTML code using the code option in the Embed menu.  An advantage of the HTML code method is that when you hover over a link the cursor changes.

But I will leave the information below as an alternative method. 

Note that Google sites does not allow code links to open in the same window.

 ImageMaps are not available in New Sites because we don't have HTML editing capabilities. Google Drawings is a sort of a work-around.

I created a Google Drawing in Drive and made the text links.

I set the sharing to public and copied the link to it.

I used the embed URL function to insert it.

OR you can use the "From Drive" option and select the drawing.

Note that you can use text links or image links.

Here is an image map I copied from Wikipedia and inserted into a Google Drawing. 

I have made two links in this image. Click on the two left-most people. In Wikipedia all of the people are links but I haven't taken the time to duplicate them all.

View the video on the left. It is a good tutorial about how to make Image Maps with Google Drawings.

By Chris Betcher 

Another good tutorial

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