Insert Image From Drive

To insert an individual image from Google Drive click 'From Drive' in the insert menu. Find your image and click it. Then click 'Insert' at the bottom. 

Cropped Image

Click image to view it full-size.

First get the shared image URL in Drive. Then insert image from Drive. Click the link icon and insert the link to the shared image. When a viewer clicks it they will have zoom options.

Or Link to the image  When a viewer clicks the link they will have the zoom options.

Make sure the image is shared. Right-click the image and select 'Get shareable link'.

To use the embed code feature for inserting a Drive image you you need to get the image's ID and append to this URL:

You can copy and paste images from a Google Drive document. Click the image and use CTRL+C. In the site use CTRL+V to paste it in.

Image is in Google photos. When you insert it a viewer can click it to view if full size.