Photo Gallery From Drive

You can use a Google Sheets add-on "Photo Gallery" to create a slideshow with Google Slides, from photos in your Drive. You can then insert this slideshow in a site (either classic or new).

CREDIT: Add-on created by Romain Vialard and there are more instructions on his web site.

"As Picasa / Google Photos has deprecated its slideshow feature, one remaining solution was to add your photos as slides of a Google presentation. But this can be very time consuming if you have many photos! 

Thanks to our add-on, you can simply put all your photos in a Drive folder and we will automatically insert them in a Google Slides presentation that you can embed in any website."

See an example below. Note: on a mobile device the slideshow doesn't start until the viewer clicks on it to open it.

Photo Gallery Slideshow

More 2015 TC Summit Pics

2015 TC Summit pics

2017 Summit Pictures

Summit 2017 - Sheet1

Below is an inserted Drive Folder
I got the shared folder URL and inserted it using the by URL section of the Embed function.

Google Album Photos