Embed Google+

You can add a Google+ community, collection, or profile stream to your site.

Google+ has been shut down so this information is redundant.

On your computer, open Google+.  Go to the Google+ page of the stream you want to add to your site. Copy the URL of the Google+ page.

Open a site in new Google Sites. At the right, click Embed. Paste the URL of the stream.

Click Insert. At the top right, click Publish.

Note: You can add a top-level community stream or specific community category streams to your site.

This may be rolling out and not yet available to all.

Note (from Steegle) You can see a demo of it at Insert Google+ Content Streams- new Google SitesBE AWARE that the Google+ streams are only visible on the sites.google.com address and will not be visible on the Custom URL address.

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