Everyone should remember that the New Sites platform is still in development and is not ready for prime time use yet. There may be areas that don't work correctly while the platform is being worked on. When new problems occur people are encouraged to send feedback to the developers

1) [FIXED] When you click a link you may be sent to the top of the page instead to the desired link destination. Clicking the link again usually works correctly. Example: https://sites.google.com/view/multipagetest/page-14

2) In a Classic site, an uploaded document has a view link that doesn't work. Google is monitoring that issue. The following is from a help forum post by AndyT86 .

Currently, there's a known issue that was already reported to Google engineers, they're already working on this. The issue is with the preview interface itself and there's a workaround to get to those files while they fix this: You can download the files directly from the page, instead of doing so from the preview interface.

It seems that, in some cases, there was an issue with an experimental protocol that is enabled in your Chrome browser. Could you please check if this protocol is indeed enabled for and if it fixes the issue when disabled? Here are the steps on how to do this:

1. Open a new tab in Chrome;

2. Enter chrome://flags/ into the address bar;

3. Locate ‘Experimental QUIC protocol‘;

4. Using the drop-down menu, select 'Disabled';

5. Restart Chrome.

Let's see if this fixes the issue, otherwise you will have to wait for the engineers' fix, but this is still worth the try.

3) Error publishing site. Sometimes when a page does not finish the creation process correctly the publish process fails for the site. To correct this the page must be deleted from the site.

Use your web browser's history to access a different page in the editor: if that opens OK then  it's just one page that's the issue.  Make a new version of the page using the published version and then delete the faulty page.  Copy instructions.

3.1) Error publishing site - image too large. Inserting a very large image can prevent  publishing of the site. The solution is to remove the image.  I believe that the Site's Team is working to prevent this problem from happening.

3.2) There is an issue re-publishing large sites after they have been unpublished. They are working to mitigate this problem. 

4) [FIXED] Users whose sites use the Hebrew language have reported difficulty editing their sites.  The issue has been reported to Google and the staff is looking into it.  Classic site owners can temporarily change their site language setting to English. New Sites owners can change their language setting in Chrome. 

You can switch to English temporarily in order to edit your site.


 5) Some Classic sites are showing an adult warning and owners can't remove the option in manage site. If your site is inappropriately tagged, post it to the help forum and we can escalate it to Google Staff.

6) [FIXED] On Classic sites, there is an error when attempting to upload a header logo image. 

7) Certain extensions will prevent editing of Google sites and prevent other functions like site search from working. If you run Chrome in incognito mode and find that editing and other functions work that indicates that an extension may be at fault. You can reset browser settings which deactivates all extensions. If this takes care of the problem you can reactivate extensions individually until you find the culprit extension. One person in the help forum said that he had to uninstall Chrome and reinstall it to fix it. (Be sure to back up bookmarks and data before uninstalling).

Also, try the following troubleshooting steps

Try using in an incognito window

Try using Chrome with all extensions and plugins disabled

Try a different web browser

If it works in incognito mode this indicates that you have an extension that is causing the problem. It may be an ad blocker or another extension The Grammarly extension has often been the culprit.

 8) When you embed something in an iFrame it may appear in the site at the sites.google.com URL but  not when viewed at the mapped domain URL. Google is aware of this and they are working on a fix (11/2/2017).

9)  [FIXED] Google Drive Folder embeds no longer display if you're signed out of a Google account, even if the folders are shared properly.  The Google Sites Team is investigating this problem. Visitors can hover over the area and click the pop-out icon in order to see the files. In a Classic Site you can insert a link to the folder. See this example.

10) The site search icon will only appear on a site when there are 2 or more pages in the site. Search is unavailable in preview mode. If search does not work correctly in a published site try using the unpublish option in the drop-down next to the publish button and then publish again.  If search does not work when site is shared to limited users, change sharing to public and then back to limited.  Also, some browser extensions will interfere.  Try it in an incognito window which runs without extensions. If it works in incognito see #7 above.  If site search doesn't work in a site mapped to a domain, the mapping is not correct. Be sure to follow these instructions. If search fails for a particular page, duplicate the page, publish the site and see if the problem is fixed. If it is you can delete the duplicated page.

11) When you edit a page changes are saved automatically but they will not appear on the site until you republish it. (not actually a problem, that is just the way it works).

12) Remember that when you use the new custom footer, content there will appear on all pages and content deleted from the footer will  be removed from all pages. (not actually a problem, that is just the way it works).  Several people have accidentally put content in the footer and and then deleted it which removes it from all pages. If that happens to you, do not delete the content in the footer, go to the page where you want the content and drag the content out of the footer into the main content area.  Move content out of footer instructions

13) Sometimes a video embedded from Google Drive will not appear in Chrome, but it will appear in other browsers. The only solution I (and at least one other person) have found is to uninstall and reinstall Chrome.  More info

14) If you use the justify option on a block of text it will display correctly in Chrome but not in other browsers. A workaround is to insert the text by using the embed code feature. See this page for more information. Note: The problem has been fixed. You will have to re-publish the site for it to take effect.

15) If your embedded calendar shows events in the wrong time zone, try these steps:

Open your calendar. From the My Calendars box under the little current month calendar on the left side of the page, click on the little arrow next to your calendar name. Select the Calendar Settings option. Be sure your Calendar Time Zone is selected properly. Click on save.  Then go back to the website, remove the calendar and then re-add it.

16) When you embed a shared document which contains links, the first time it is clicked the page jumps to the top. Google is aware of the problem and will look into it.

17) When you try to make a "Return to Top" link in a page it opens a new tab. Here is a workaround that was posted in the help forum:

Jack Collin said:

You can make it work. If you make a text link to the page you want the "return to top" link on on another page, you can then copy-paste it into the right place. The link then reloads the page as if you first navigated there. It's not super clean, but it does work.

If you have a page titled "Dogs" and one titled "Cats" and you want a 'return to top" link on the Dogs page, you first make a text link on the Cat page to the Dog  page (Insert text box-insert link- "Dogs") and make sure you change the text to "return to top". You then copy and paste that  onto the "Dogs" page and delete the link from the Cats page.

Then repeat the process the other way around.

Like I said- not clean, but not too complicated, and it works.

18)  NOTE: This was written before we had domain mapping for personal sites.

If you migrate a Classic site to a New site you will lose any domain mapping that the site had.  Since we do not yet have domain mapping for New personal sites you can:

19) If you find that anyone can edit your site, click the "Share with others" link.  Click "Change" in the Draft section and select "Restricted" Do not select public or anyone with the link.  View the video on Steegle's site here for more information.

20) No navigation links if JavaScript is turned off.  It is unclear if this will be changed. Viewers with JavaScript turned off may want to install an alternate browser which has JS enabled and use it for viewing New Google Sites.   Read more.


Developers are currently unable to view or modify Apps Scripts associated with Google Sites Classic. The list of scripts associated with a site shows "No scripts found". New scripts created in Sites Classic are not properly associated with the intended site; a standalone script is created instead. The experience for end-users viewing Classic Sites with Apps Scripts installed is not affected.  (10May2018)

22) To get New Sites added to Google search you should add your site to Google Search Console 

23) After migrating from a Classic Site you may have to set the sharing of the New Site. Click the share button (looks like a person with a + next to it) and set the published to Anyone can find and view. See this video and the share with others image below.

24) If you remove the domain Web address from your Classic site and then migrate it to a New site, you may get an error when trying to add the custom domain to the new site. Try adding the address back to the classic site and then deleting it. if you still can't add the address to the new site, post the problem to the help forum. Include the classic site URL and ask a top contributor to escalate the problem to Google Site staff.

25) From a forum post by Steegle:

Google has started to enforce its general new Google Sites size limitation as listed in the Help Center (see Files you can store in Google Drive):

As you can see there are actually 4 limitations and the way Google has decided to implement this has left us with a number of problems:

Make sure you send feedback to Google so it will get direct reports of how many sites this affects.

26) There was a problem on 30Nov but it has been fixed

We're investigating reports of an issue with Google Sites. We will provide more information shortly. The affected users are able to access Google Sites, but are seeing error messages, high latency, and/or other unexpected behavior.

User image content may not be loading successfully.

The problem with Google Sites should be resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and continued support. Please rest assured that system reliability is a top priority at Google, and we are making continuous improvements to make our systems better.

27) Classic Sites Edit Navigation Problem

When you click to add a site to navigation in Classic Sites, no sites are listed in the pages window, and if you select "Add page" you can select a page but the save button doesn't work.  The Site's Team is working in a fix. It may be fixed this week (10 December 2018).

28) Adding a Google Map Error

It appears the problem has been fixed.

When you add a Google Map using the Map option from the In appsert menu, a popup window appears. (See below)

 If you click the OK button you can usually continue to insert the map. The problem has been reported to the Sites team and to the Maps team.

 23Jan 2019 The team is still investigation the problem.

29) Height Adjust Problem

When inserting HTML code we can no longer adjust the frame height and when we increase the height of an already created code window we can't drag it back to the original height.

The problem occurs when using the Chrome browser.  The problem does not exist in Firefox.

The problem appears to have been fixed.

30) Page Jumps

When accessing a page in which a Google presentation is embedded, the page automatically scrolls down to the presentation. Apparently this happens when using Chrome. I have submitted feedback to Google. Others observing this should do so also. See Feedback Instructions.

31) The site image that appears when I share the website on social media is wrong

The new version of Google Sites does not offer any way to edit the Open Graph Protocol tags.

You can send a request to the developers.

32) Embedded Groups

Embedding Groups in Classic Sites will be deprecated on 10/07/2020. Groups embeds in new Sites will continue to work. 

33) Image Select Problem

When you click select to insert an image a window should pop up. If it doesn't appear, check to see if your browser is zoomed in. Try setting it to normal or 90%.

Also, If you have a popup blocker installed in your web browser the window will not appear. Make sure that you do not have any such popup blocker installed.Remove popup blockers