Get Text From Image

  • In Facebook or whenever, right-click on an image and select to capture it to your computer

  • Go to your Google Drive and click New

  • Select to upload a file

  • Upload the image

  • Right-click on the uploaded image and select to open it as a document.

  • Google drive will extract any text in the image and place in in a box below the image.

  • You can highlight the extracted text and copy it and use it in an email or other document

  • OR you can upload the image to Google Photos and click the copy text from image option.

Get text from image in Google Photos

Extracted Text (you may have to check the spelling)

Casino al McCurdy Park, Coruwwa, Mich. Remember When?

This was the way the Casino in McCurdy Park in Corunna looked back in the Good Olde Days. There was also a pavilion in the park and a band shell for concerts. Then as now, people gathered for picnics and reunions and other gatherings. They boated on the river. This was before the fairgrounds were moved to the park from Owosso. This view of the Casino was supplied for Good Olde Days by Ivan Conger.