Click to Call

View this page with your cellphone to see if it works. If you want to call from the Chrome browser see THIS INFO

In the examples change the numbers to your own number when embedding them into your site.

Recently numbers entered that appear to be phone numbers will automatically be made clickable, such as 1-303-499-7111

So the embed methods below may not be necessary.  If you don't want this automatic conversion the only way I know to prevent that is to change the dashes, such as 1--303--499--7111 or 1*303*499*7111

Put the following in the EMBED CODE option of the INSERT edit function. Change the number and the text to what you want it to be.

<a href="tel:+1-303-499-7111">Click to Call NIST Time Service!</a>

<a href="sms://+14035550185">Send an SMS</a>

Click and drag the buttons to resize the window.

SMS Instructions

You can also use SKYPE by entering:

<a href="skype:echo123?call">Call the Skype Echo / Sound Test Service</a>

<a href="skype:SKYPE USER NAME?call">Call me on Skype</a>

The visitor must have the Skype app installed for the Skype link to work.

For the button I used this code:

To use a Google Drive image get its URL and modify it as shown here:

<a href="tel:+1-303-499-7111"><img  src="" width="60" title="303-499-7111" /></a> 

<a href="sms:+1-4035550185"><img src=" "title="403-555-0185" /></a>

The number in this example is a fake number that doesn't go anywhere.

You can also use Google Hangouts. Insert the URL ''. You will be able to  select to make a phone call or send a text or make a video call.

Google Voice is replacing hangouts calling.

You can create a QR Code image for dialing.  There are several QR Code generators.
Search Google for "qr code generator"

Create a QR Code with the phone number format.
Upload it to your site.
Viewers with a QR scanner on their phones can scan it to bring up their dialer.