Shorten URL and QR Code

To do this, copy your Google Site link, go to, paste the link in the URL shortener box, then copy the new short link. In most cases, you'll have a link that consists of followed by six characters, which equals a total of 13 characters. That's substantially shorter than most Google Site links and can be shared more easily than the longer one.

This does not get redirected via the Google URL redirector and also gives the advantage of letting you track outbound links through (Thanks Steegle).

Next, take the shortened link you created above and add a ".qr" to the end. You'll get a QR code for your link. For example, a short URL to my site is , and I can get the QR code image at I took a screenshot of the QR code and uploaded it to the site. You can use your QR code image in sites or in presentations or documents.

The idea for this comes from an article by Andy Wolber who is a consultant who teaches non profit organizations about technology and writes about Google in the Enterprise for @TechRepublic.