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I got the code for this method here.

Thank you Jhansi Tavva

From this help forum thread.

Be aware if you do decide to use the embed code feature to add your content it will not get indexed in site search.

Note that in Chrome if the setting to block popups is on the method may not work.

Here is the HTML code

<!DOCTYPE html>

<html><head> <style>ul, p {padding-bottom: 500px;}</style></head>


<h2><a name="top">TOC</a></h2>


<li><a href="#C1" target="_self">Sign in with the right account</a>

<li><a href="#C2" target="_self">Firewalls, ad blockers, etc.</a>

<li><a href="#C3" target="_self">Computer Locks Up</a>

<li><a href="#C4" target="_self">Can't Save Analytics Code</a>


<h2><a name="C1">Sign in with the right account</a></h2>

If you are having problems accessing the editing functions on your Google Site you may be logged in with an account that doesn't have editing privileges. Follow these steps:

If you have another instance of a web browser or another tab on a tabbed browser open, close all such instances.

Go to <a href=""></a>/. If there is a Sign out button click it.

Now access your site at its Google Site address, such as

You should now see a Sign in link at the bottom of the page.

Be sure to sign in with the correct account (One that has ownership or collaborator privileges). Send a 'Site sharing request'.

In order to see all of the editing options you must be signed in with an owner account. <a href="">How to tell how you are signed in</a>.

Also, make sure that you are using the latest version of your Web browser.

I have had no problem editing my site with IE8 or 9, but if you do click here for information that may help. Also make sure that you are not in compatibility view mode.

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<h2><a name="C2">Firewalls, ad blockers, etc.</a></h2>

Sometimes firewalls or antivirus programs will block access to editing functions. This can especially occur in corporate or academic networks. Unrestricted access to is necessary.

Ad Blockers and Pop-up Blockers can prevent the use of parts of Google Sites.

Users are reporting that the Diigo Web Collector Extension prevents them from editing their sites.

Setting your zoom level to anything other than 100% can also be a problem.

If you have moved from a Google Sites personal account to an Apps account and have lost access please read Steegle's information:

<a href="">Moved to Google Apps and Lost Ownership of Google Site</a>

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<h2><a name="C3">Computer Locks Up</a></h2>

If your computer locks up or your browser freezes when you try to edit your site:

<li>Make sure you have the latest version of your browser</li>

<li> Make sure you don't have compatibility view enabled (IE)</li>

<li>Make sure you don't have any interfering add ons</li>

<li>Make sure zoom level is set to normal</li>

<li>Clear the cache and cookies in your Web browser</li>

<li>Use a different browser than normal</li>


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<h2><a name="C4">Can't Save Analytics Code</a></a></h2>

<p>If the Analytics code won't save when pasting it in, try entering the code character by character instead of pasting it.

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