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autostart mp4

When you add a  video from Google Drive by Insert>>Drive>>Videos there is no autoplay option.
Here is a way to make then auto start if you want to do that.

  1. I uploaded my mp4 file to a public dropbox folder  See Using Dropbox
  2. I right clicked on it and captured its public URL 
  3. In the web page Insert>>More gadgets
  4. Search for "iframe include" and insert the gadget
  5. Configure it with the URL from step 2
  6. I set width to 600 and height to 380 but use what is appropriate for your video
  7. Save everything
Unfortunately Dropbox has notified me: "Your Dropbox public links have been suspended".
Apparently there was too much bandwidth for their service. Maybe a paid version would help.
It's too bad we can't use Google Drive in this way.
The service has been restored. We'll see how long it lasts.